Major indie has partnered with The Tia Norfleet Literacy Foundation, the 2400 Youth Media Group, and the 2400 Youth Athletics, in a consistent effort to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey. We are also collectively building relationships with the proper jurisdictions within Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, in a MAJOR attempt to restore and replenish hope to the population

In addition, we currently support the Texas Library Association through the Driven2Read program. Please contact us with any lead information on book donations for the city of Houston. We are looking to establish drop-off locations for areas in demand. Thank you for your continued support for those in need, as we invite you to DARE TO BE MAJOR!!!


Major Indie is a (501c3) nonprofit organization that provides project assistance, mentorship, and professional networks for independent entertainers, both nationally and internationally.

We are focused on paving the way for independent individuals associated w/ the entertainment industry. Major Indie provides an unmatched branding experience for “selected” clients and affiliates, at absolutely no cost.

We also offer phenomenally low, discounted prices for individuals looking to capitalize on a very resourceful network, available to them 365 days a year.


Major Indie’s sole purpose is to give local entertainers an exclusive platform that will get them MAJOR exposure within the entertainment industry. We provide assistance to those who may not have the knowledge, network, startup capital, or other valuable resources to pursue their dreams in the entertainment field.

In addition, Major Indie assists in fundraising activities, by providing live entertainment for other non-profit organizations. This service helps other nonprofits to capitalize on community participation for their charity event/s.

Our organization has a substantial amount of experience in the entertainment industry, and we really enjoy helping others accomplish their goals. We take great pride in servicing our clients and our communities.

If you or someone you know, is looking to enhance their knowledge and/ or personal development, while gaining exposure in other markets… look no further. Major Indie is here. DARE TO BE MAJOR!!!


There comes a time when we as people, have to stop in our tracks, and bestow an unbiased admiration for those who stand out. Not just stand out… stand UP!!! 

It is not easy being a #PIONEER in this day in time. However, there are still a chosen few who relentlessly push against all barriers of time and indifference. Her name is Tia Norfleet, and she is the FIRST AFRICAN AMERICAN FEMALE NASCAR DRIVER. 

It is our honor to serve her cause. Please be kind enough to congratulate her on her success and wish her well on her journey. #MajorIndie and #GlamlifePR will be assisting Tia on her mission to become #LEGENDARY


Major Indie Presents:

The Major Indie Breakthrough Tour!!! (Rwanda, Africa)

•All expenses paid!!!
(Includes round-trip air fare, room & board, paid meals, and $1,000 paid performance)

•Only 5 artists will be selected

•Artists must be at least 18 yrs of age, and able to obtain a valid passport to qualify.

•All genres encouraged

This is a charitable event!!!
Selected finalists will perform live at the beautiful Amahoro National Stadium in Rwanda Africa.
Host and headliner celebrities are to be determined.

The purpose is to promote peace, sustainability, and conflict resolutions in Rwanda Africa.
Please visit for more detailed information on how this wonderful organization is changing the lives of the youth in Rwanda.


Feel free to email us with any questions, info, or music you’d like to share with Major Indie. Also, click on the links below, to check out our social media pages.

Have a MAJOR day

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